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5 Annoying Things Most Married Couples Do On Social Media


  • Reposting Wedding Pictures On Random Occasions : While it’s okay for you to share pictures of your wedding after the ceremony, what annoys your friends and followers are the wedding pictures you repost on random occasions every now and then. They’ve already seen your wedding pictures once in the huge wedding album that you shared weeks within getting married, they Don’t want to see the same pictures in their news feed again and again for some random 4 months, 10 months anniversary. The occasion needs to be special like your 1 year anniversary or 5 years or something, but randomly reposting the wedding pictures only mean that you want to show the world again and again how good you looked that day and garner more likes.
  • Flooding Their Profile With Intimate Photos : Married couples need to understand that NO PDA (Public Display of Affection) applies for social media as well. It’s good that you are spending quality time with each other and getting intimate on your honeymoon or other getaways. But that doesn’t mean that you flood your social media profiles with your intimate pictures. These intimate moments need to be cherished and locked in the hearts forever and not be displayed on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your friends Don’t want to see your intimate moments and if you exceed the limit, they may even take the extreme step of unfriending or unfollowing you.
  • Getting All Gushy Mushy On Partner’s Wall : Your partner just posted a picture on their profile, liking and leaving a comment on the picture is enough but flooding the entire post with mushy comments is not something your friends would like. You need to know the limit and control your flow of emotions when you see any random picture of your beloved on social media. Some couples even show their love for their sweetheart on social media by posting sugar-coated statuses and pictures. You seriously need to stop doing that and show your love personally to your partner especially when he/she is in the same room with you.
  • Countdown For Every Anniversary : Seriously, why do couples have to put those countdown statuses for each and every anniversary that they celebrate? ”7 weeks to our 6 month anniversary!!! Excited!!!” The couples who post such statuses on their profiles to track some random milestone need to stop right away. Updating every milestone and forcefully reminding your social media friends and followers to remember it is super annoying and couples seriously need to stop doing it right away. it’s not cute to keep posting random milestone messages along with your mushy pictures all the time.
  • New Couple DPs Every Day : You two may look super cute together and may just not be able to control from taking a selfie every day. But posting these pictures as your social media profile picture every day would do nothing but annoy your online friends. Cherish these pictures with your life partner in your memory but Don’t post them as your profile picture every day. Also, many couples make it a habit of putting their Partner’s picture as their own display picture, which can be annoying in many ways. Right from the matchmaking to the marriage and even after that, many couples have a habit of posting lovey-dovey pictures as their own profile picture, which shows nothing but their attention seeking nature.


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