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How To Get Your Parents Approval For Love Marriage

  • Build Trust : If you’ve already told your parents about your love relationship, chances are your parents may be feeling betrayed. you’ve shattered their dream of finding you a good spouse and now it’s time you win your parent’s trust back. Open up with something personal to your parents and ask for their advice on different matters of life to rebuild the lost trust. Another way to win back your parent’s trust is by acting responsibly in front of them and letting them know that you can be trusted with the decisions you make in life. Once they start trusting you with your decisions, it wouldn’t take time to melt their heart and accept your love.
  • Create Mutual Relationships : If you are hesitant in introducing your partner directly as your girlfriend/boyfriend to your parents, you should grasp the opportunity and introduce your partner just as a friend. Let your parents and your partner share a mutual relationship by bringing them regularly with other friends to your house for meetings. This will not just give you time to build rapport with your parents but also help you bring the best qualities of your parents in the front beforehand. Introducing your partner as just a friend and letting them create a mutual relationship with your parents would increase your chances of convincing them when the time is right as now they would already know about them.
  • Highlight Your Partner’s Potential : Your partner may be the best in your view but in order to convince your parents for your love marriage, letting them know about your life partner’s qualities is imperative. You need to highlight your partner’s potential in full glory. However, just trying to convince them by telling them you’ve caught a “big fish” wouldn’t be the perfect solution. Instead of just blabbering about your partner’s achievements and qualities, let your parents know about the full potential of your partner. Tell them what all your partner is capable of and you might just get lucky to have their blessings for your marriage.
  • Cite Real Life Examples : One of the best ways to convince your parents for a love marriage is by citing real life instances. They could either be about the successful love marriages or the unsuccessful arranged marriages. You need to mold the situations to your advantage and get your parents approval. Take examples from your own extended family or friend to give them a check of reality. While citing these examples, let them know the importance of knowing the life partner beforehand. Tell them that you know your partner and have grown a mutual compatibility with them and that’s the reason why you would be happier with your boyfriend/girlfriend than a complete stranger in the long run.
  • Get Help From The “Cool Relative : Involving relatives and friends is one of the most successful ways to convince your parents for your love marriage. You can get help from your cool relatives who are liberal enough to understand your situation. Let them meet your partner and play cupid to your parents in the matchmaking. They can be of great help in convincing your parents for your love marriage. Find someone whom your parents respect and admire and get them to convince your parents for your marriage. The more support you get from your relatives, the easier it would become to convince your parents.

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