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5 Annoying Things Most Married Couples Do On Social Media

  Reposting Wedding Pictures On Random Occasions : While it’s okay for you to share pictures of your wedding after the ceremony, what annoys your friends and followers are the wedding pictures you repost on random occasions every now and then. They’ve already seen your wedding pictures once in the huge …

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How To Get Your Parents Approval For Love Marriage

Build Trust : If you’ve already told your parents about your love relationship, chances are your parents may be feeling betrayed. you’ve shattered their dream of finding you a good spouse and now it’s time you win your parent’s trust back. Open up with something personal to your parents and ask …

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5 Signs That Tell You Are Ready To Propose

”Will You Marry Me?” Popping this question may be the biggest decision you’ll ever make. You will be exchanging those holy vows and putting a ring on your relationship once you’ve proposed for the marriage. You will be sharing your whole life with each-other, walking together through thick and thin. You …

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Significance of Haldi Ceremony during wedding

Ever Wondered why do we have a haldi Ceremeony before every wedding ? According to Hindu Scriptures , Haldi has powerful properties of Protecting the Bride and Groom from evil Forces The ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding day at the residence of both groom and bride …

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Significance of Bride Gruha Pravesh

In the Hindu custom, brides push a bowl of rice with their foot and then step into a plate of kumkum after which they take their first step into their new household. In fact the this term is also called Significance of Bride Gruha Pravesh: Once the bride reaches her …

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Top 5 Myths Related to Matrimony Sites

Top 5 Myths Related to Matrimony Sites With time, and the lack of it in our everyday lives, more and more people looking for a life partner are beginning to use the internet, more specifically, matrimony sites to find their ideal partner. Matrimonial sites have been highly popular amongst both …

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